Corporate Social Responsibility

At LEA, we strongly believe in giving back to the communities in which we work. By being involved with different events and charities, we contribute to the growth of communities beyond engineering and planning.

Environmental Efforts

As a global organization, we encourage our employees to take the greener route to make a change in the world and decrease our environmental footprint. That’s why LEA has partnered with Staples Canada and Terracycle on their writing instrument recycling program to show that all efforts, especially the everyday ones, can make a difference. 

We also run a dedicated composting program in order to provide our employees with a safe and green way to reduce their organic waste. 

Charity Runs 

We make sure that every step we take is meaningful, both in terms of our employees’ fitness and well-being, as well as for the community around us. Every year, our employees set out to support numerous charitable causes by joining in on charity runs and marathons. A few of the causes that we have been involved with as a result of these events are the Propeller ProjectJumpstart CharityCamp Oochigeasthe Toronto ZooThe Simunye Foundation, and the Toronto East General Hospital Campaign.

Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) 

The Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC), under the Government of India, is an organization tasked with improving the conditions and quality of the construction industry across the country.  The CIDC undertakes a wide range of activities including technical training at various levels, workshops, placement of technical staff, and ensuring the welfare of construction workers. LEA was presented the Partners in Progress Trophy in 2018 for our adherence to the CIDC guidelines and principles. 


United Way

Each year, our employees strive to find fun and exciting ways to give back. LEA has partnered with United Way for many years to raise funding to fight poverty and help youth bridge opportunity gaps and work towards a strong social and economic future. Our funding methods range from cook offs and building competitions, to bake offs and trivia challenges. We also often take part in the annual UP United Way CN Tower Climb in Toronto.


Arien Foundation

Delhi-based Arien Foundation is engaged in women empowerment, health, and training. As part of our contribution to the foundation's efforts, LEA has helped to sponsor and organize free medical camps for women and children. 


Daily Bread Food Bank

Coming together to combine our creative minds with our engineering expertise is  one of the many ways we encourage team bonding at LEA. Each year Canstruction welcomes teams of designers, architects, and engineers to work together to create structurally sound and beautifully designed projects in competition with one another. The non-perishable food items that make up the structures are all eventually donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto. 


Laboratory Equipment

In India, the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) has technical training institutes at various locations across the country, with a focus on rural areas where access is limited. As part of our relationship with the CIDC, and our commitment to improving communities around the world, LEA has sponsored the purchase of equipment to help develop the CIDC material testing laboratory. 


Habitat for Humanity
We are responsible for creating a nurturing environment to help our young professionals grow. That’s why LEA partakes in events such as Habitat for Humanity‘s "Habitat Young Professionals Build", which gathers young professionals and experienced leaders to help build homes for families in need and bring community members closer together while building the future together. 


Hospital Generator

To ensure uninterrupted power supply to essential infrastructure like hospitals, LEA India sponsored a captive Power Generator Set.


Feats of Gingerbread

Being part of a community means helping to lift each other up in times of need, as well as joy. LEA participated in the first year of Engineer Canada‘s Feats of Gingerbread challenge, placing 3rd and showcasing our structural engineering prowess while supporting 360ºKids, a local charity that provides care for youth in crisis and helps them transition to a state of safety and stability. 


Niharkana Rehabilitation Centre

We recognize the importance of supporting the future leaders in our communities. Niharkana Rehabilitation Centre, based in Kolkata, India, is a non-profit organization who shares our values, and is engaged in rescuing, rehabilitating, and educating children who are vulnerable and experiencing homelessness. To help support their efforts, LEA India sponsored the purchase of a vehicle to aid in transporting children.


Nature Cure and Yoga Trust 

Nature Cure and Yoga Trust is a hospital with a focus on offering personalized healthcare services to community members at an affordable cost. They offer services such as Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga and Physiotherapy to aid health and well-being of the communities they operate in. LEA India funded the purchase of a elevator at their facility in an effort to make their services more accessible. 


Arunodaya Charitable Trust 

Arunodaya Charitable Trust is working on providing free eye treatment to under privileged populations across India. LEA has been a proud partner and supporter of their free eye treatment camps. 

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