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News and Updates
May 27 - 2019

Canstruction 2019 – Fighting Hunger ‘One Small Step’ at a Time

The LEA-Kasian 2019 canstruction structure.

Once again this year LEA entered in the Toronto Canstruction competition, but this time we brought reinforcements. We teamed up with Kasian Architects to build a recreation of the 1969 Apollo 11 Lunar Module using only cans and other non-perishable food products!

Some members of the LEA-Kasian canstruction team gathered for a team photo.

Team members working on the structure.

Canstruction is a non-profit competition that gathers teams of designers, architects and engineers for one night to build impressive structures from non-perishable food items, which are all donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank after the event.

Based on the success of last year, our newly expanded team started early conceptualizing and brainstorming a design for 2019. Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, our team used simple staple ingredients like tuna, beans, and noodles to help convey the message behind Neil Armstrong’s infamous “One Small Step” speech during the moon landing. Our sculpture set out to remind people that simple actions can have profound effects, and every small step counts toward fighting hunger! In the end, our team donated nearly 5,000 items of non-perishable food to the food bank.

Congratulations goes out to all the amazing teams who competed in this years event. Check below for a look at all the winners, and a quick time lapse video the LEA + Kasian team’s build night.