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News and Updates
July 9 - 2024

Eliminating the Gap Between Security Threats and Engineering Construction


In an era of rapidly evolving technology and infrastructure, the integration of security design with threat risk consulting has become increasingly sought after. Security is no longer an afterthought or a reaction. We are seeing more clients prioritizing security and adopting a proactive approach to prevent security incidents from occurring. The benefit of this approach is the seamless integration of security operations, crime prevention and design engineering, laying the groundwork for the development of more secure and resilient infrastructure.

When it comes to security design the first course of action is conducting a Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA). This crucial step involves identifying the critical assets — personnel, public safety and operations — and the risks and vulnerabilities associated with them. LEA’s security team provides comprehensive threat risk assessments for infrastructure, including facility and perimeter penetration walkthrough tests, as well as interviews with C-suite management to review policies and procedures. This thorough process allows us to provide tailored recommendations for physical, procedural, and technical improvements based on specific risk impacts. Beyond offering recommendations, we deliver a unique combination of threat identification and security operational expertise, seamlessly integrated into our engineering consulting services in design-bid-build or design-build/alternate delivery projects.

With over 20 years of security experience, LEA’s security team has undertaken projects spanning a wide range of fields including traditional security systems design such as emergency communication centres, parking systems, and transit security systems design. We have also collaborated with law enforcement agencies, courthouses, detention centres, federal/provincial government entities, banks, long-term care facilities, traffic control systems, and architects, bringing our extensive security expertise to each partnership. Some of our notable projects include the Bank of Canada, where LEA completed a comprehensive threat risk assessment and security system design to modernize five facilities across Ontario and Quebec. This modernization included new Access Control and Intrusion Detection Systems, CCTV Surveillance, Biometrics, Control Rooms, IT Networks, and physical upgrades such as fully hardened perimeters to defend against attacks. This project was particularly significant as it required working within top-secret level clearance areas.

LEA has also worked with numerous municipal and provincial law enforcement agencies across Canada, developing security management systems for their headquarters, divisional detachments, data centres, correctional facilities, and training centres. For these projects, we work with law enforcement to understand how each facility functions from an operational standpoint, to identify key security zones and levels of risk, and to develop security solutions that incorporate emergency scenarios, response measures and human factors.

Our ability to deliver exceptional security design solutions stems from our extensive experience in physical security, threat analysis and engineering, which is powered by our multidisciplinary team comprised of security specialists, structural engineers, electrical engineers, systems engineers, transportation planners, and contract administrators. Together, we possess deep expertise in infrastructure construction, traffic planning, and electronic systems applications, bolstered by our SECRET Level II security clearance, giving us a competitive advantage. For instance, LEA’s traffic designers can conduct simulations for traffic movement, identifying adjacent roadway driving conditions for optimizing vehicular security measures at the perimeter of the building/asset. Furthermore, we can manage the entire project lifecycle from TRVA to planning, design, and into construction. This ensures the seamless implementation of our security recommendations while mitigating and eliminating security gaps for each project.

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