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News and Updates
November 03 - 2016

Employees at LEA Taking Great Strides Towards Smarter Commuting

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SmartCommute_AnnouncementGraphic-300x232.jpgLate September, employees at LEA Consulting Ltd. took the annual Smart Commute modal split survey. The objective of this exercise was to gather information on our employee’s commuting practices and to identify how we measure up to previous years’ results.

The results are in and the findings are remarkable.
LEA has received the modal split information for 2016 from Smart Commute and the results are remarkable. Since partnering with Smart Commute of Markham and Richmond Hill, LEA has been active in providing incentives for their employees to consider alternative modes of transportation for their daily commute. This year alone, 46% of our employees have tried an alternative method from driving due to our incentive program.

Since the 2015 results, the number of employees who drive alone has decreased by 21% and the number of those taking public transit has increased by 18%!

Click here to view the LEA Commuter Split infographic.

Congratulations to the employees at LEA for improving their commuting practices!