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News and Updates
September 27 - 2016

Global Collaboration

Stock image showing 4 hands gathering together to represent collaboration.

Stock image showing 2 people collaborating.Executives from LEA offices in both Canada (LCL) and India (LASA) recently met to develop a refreshed and exciting new vision & strategy for Global Collaboration.

Global trends in the engineering and planning consulting marketplace have demonstrated that governments are navigating toward larger, accelerated, and more complex project delivery methods. New project procurement methods such as alternative design-build-fund, public/private partnership project procurement structures, have subsequently triggered a high demand for leading edge technology and 3D BIM services.

In response to these market trends, LEA Consulting is implementing a ‘virtual design collaboration’ environment by combining the expertise of our technology, project planning, and engineering design specialists from around the globe. To achieve this vision, LEA Consulting has developed the concept for a LEA Global Virtual Design Environment (VDE). Our VDE will establish deeper and more meaningful global collaboration on engineering and planning projects and is based on the following principles:

  1. A scalable, accessible, and real-time cloud-based common data environment;
  2. Web 2.0, social and mobile technologies for effective knowledge sharing, design communication, and video-based meeting conferencing;
  3. Intelligent document control procedures (one source of searchable, data truth); and
  4. An industry-leading 3D BIM workflow for infrastructure projects.

A team from India visited Canada in early September 2016 to attend LEA’s Annual General Meeting and participated in a series of workshops to set the cornerstones for the foundation of our global collaboration vision. In order to keep the momentum moving forward on this exciting new frontier, virtual workshops and meetings will continue between both the Canadian and Indian offices.

The successful implementation of our VDE will not only contribute to our vision for global collaboration, but will certainly become a key differentiator for LEA and provide our clients with a diverse tool box of innovative and value-added project delivery solutions.

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