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News and Updates
May 29 - 2020

Groupe Nordik IPD – Merging IPD Teams to Enhance Speed and Value

Online Live IPD Forum Series | Episode #3

Groupe Nordik IPD – When Multiple Projects in Multiple Locations Merge IPD Teams to Enhance Speed and Value with a Private Canadian IPD Client

THURSDAY, June 4 @ 1:00 PM MTN / 3:00 PM EST

This live online forum will focus on the unique opportunity to test the IPD model through a series of projects that connect to each other. Groupe Nordik, one of Canada’s first private IPD owners, strategically made the decision to put an RFP out for 3 projects in 3 different geographical locations. A core team was selected to deliver all 3 projects but each also will tap into local team members with important skills and capabilities. This has allowed some unique metrics to be developed tracking improved performance over multiple projects. 

This session’s panelists include LEA's John Ford, along with four other project team members; Dan Drouin (Groupe Nordik Owner Representative), Michael Jackson (WSP Canada), Laura Plosz (Group2 Architecture), and Joe Perry (Chandos), as well as a special guest appearance by Pierre Cousineau (Americana Log Homes).

The format will be a moderated 75 minute live discussion forum utilizing Zoom that allows for some Q & A from all participants on the call. There will be approximately 30 minutes of presentation followed by 40 minutes of discussion and Q & A. Any questions that are unable to be answered due to any potential shortage of time will be recorded and available through the Members Only section of the IPDA website.

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