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News and Updates
April 23 - 2019

LEA’s Contract Administration Group Expands to Add Environmental Services

A natural lake undergoing construction.

LEA will be incorporating a new line of environmental services to our Contract Administration team, headed by Brad Dufour. Brad brings over 12 years of consulting and project management experience and will serve as Manager, Environmental within our Contract Administration team.

His work as the Manager of the Environmental team at LEA will include overseeing a full environmental service line, offering:

  • Environmental Assessment Process Coordination & Planning
  • Baseline Biological Surveys & Inventories
  • Approvals / Permitting
  • Compliance Oversight Monitoring

Brad brings a diverse range of expertise to the company, with past experience as an Environmental Planner on provincial and municipal transportation and infrastructure projects; as Planning Ecologist for the completion of natural heritage baseline and characterization studies, including Species at Risk screening and habitat evaluations; and Permitting Specialist to meet federal and provincial legislative requirements. He also has considerable experience as an Erosion and Sediment Control Specialist and Compliance Specialist providing oversight during project execution.

To find out more, please contact Brad Dufour at:
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Brad Dufour, M.Sc., CAN-CISEC, CPESC
LEA Group
625 Cochrane Drive, 9th Floor
Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 9R9
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