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News and Updates
May 10 - 2017

LEA Proudly Sponsors and Attends the 25th Annual VOICE Conference

Organizers at 25th annual voice conference.

Thank you sign showing sponsors of the VOICE conference.On Saturday, May 6th, children with hearing loss, parents, teachers, researchers, clinicians, and hearing loss organizations gathered at the 25th annual conference for VOICE at the University of Guelph in Ontario.

LEA was a proud sponsor of this event and would like to congratulate VOICE on a successful conference this past weekend and wish them the best in continuing to advocate for and support families and children dealing with hearing loss. There was a great lineup of speakers on hand including Canadian comedian and America’s Got Talent contestant DJ Demers who had the crowd entertained as he reflected on his own experience with severe hearing loss.

VOICE is a registered charity that was established by a group of parents in the early 1960s, in support of their deaf and hard of hearing children. The charity has developed into one of the largest parent support organizations for families of children with hearing loss in Canada. VOICE has approximately 1,000 members, with chapters in Ontario, and affiliates in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec.

For more information on VOICE, please visit: