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News and Updates
September 27 - 2019

LEA Runs Across the GTA

LEA participants in the Toronto Pearson 2018 runway run.

September 22nd was a busy day for LEA employees as two groups of motivated individuals set off to two different early morning running events on opposite ends of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Starting at 7:30AM on a real airplane runway, the Pearson Runway Run proved that the early “bird” gets the worm. LEA team members and friends Ken Lo, Anatole Kung, May Yue, Rupert Law, Paul Grove, Jennifer Grove, Zaineb Bahoshy, and Saad Georgie woke up bright and early to get to Runway 06R-24L to participate in the 2018 Toronto Pearson Runway Run. In addition to the run, participants had the chance to see exactly how airplanes take off and land.

On the other side of the GTA, LEA roared and stomped their way to the finish line of the Oasis Zoo Run at the Toronto Zoo. The runners were able to rise with the animals as they made their way through the winding trails of the zoo grounds, getting a chance to see wildlife up close and personal before being treated to a hearty victory breakfast.

Congratulations to all the participants for finishing their events!