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News and Updates
May 09 - 2018

LEA Sponsors the 4th Annual Urban Transit Infrastructure Conference

Keynote Speaker at 4th annual Urban Infrastructure Conference.

A LEA company brochure.On April 25th, over 200 transit industry leaders including municipalities, governments, transit authorities, and consultants assembled at the 4th Annual Urban Transit Infrastructure Conference. Transit’s highest profile professionals came together to discuss innovations and challenges driving the market forward, and what is next for this rapidly expanding industry.

Federal and provincial government officials kicked-off the discussions, confirming their funding commitments and discussing 10-year plans for the transit industry. Innovation was a clear theme that set a positive tone for the conference. Leading the discussions on innovation was LA Metro’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. David Schank. David directed the keynote presentation where he emphasized the importance of challenging the status quo by pushing innovation as a means of making transit a better and more attractive option for the public. Conversations were also had regarding innovations in low-carbon smart mobility and train control and signaling, and transit success stories shared from the City of Mississauga and York Region’s BRT programs.

“LEA is proud to have sponsored and attended this event,” says President of LEA, Terry Wallace. “We have an obligation to encourage thoughtful and insightful discussions on the topic of transit infrastructure and supporting events like these are a responsibility of those who can contribute to improving mobility through transit and reducing our reliance on automobiles.”