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News and Updates
January 10 - 2019

Pioneer Village Station Wins Award for “Architectural Merit: Cast-in-Place” at Ontario Concrete Awards

Structural support columns and art installation features of Pioneer Village Station.

The Pioneer Village Subway Station was recently awarded the Ontario Concrete Industry’s 2018 Architectural Merit: Cast-In-Place Award. The Ontario Concrete awards recognize the outstanding work by companies in the concrete industry over the past year. LEA is proud to be recognized as a key design team member of The Spadina Group Associates (TSGA) on the Pioneer Village Station project, working with other design partners including: IBI Group (former Richard Stevens Architects), WSP (former Halsall Associates), Will Alsop, H.H. Angus, and the Toronto Transit Commission. TSGA’s structural engineers designed the underground subway station and surface buildings, while our civil engineers designed the bus terminal, parking lots, roads, and underground services.

The innovative shape of the station roof slab allowed space for utilities, reduced the volume of the station, and created a visually interesting space. Gregory Andrews, lead structural designer, worked with the architectural team to create a true curve for the slab and strategically located the sloping columns to allow efficiencies in construction by reusing the formwork.

Structural drawing of Pioneer Village Station.

Curbed roof slab of Pioneer Village Station.

The true curve roof slab and strategically located sloping columns at Pioneer Village Station.

The Pioneer Village Subway Station, located on Steeles Avenue West between Jane Street and Keele Street, was completed in 2017 with an innovative design that merged engineering, architecture and art. The project is one stop on the multi-station Toronto York-Spadina Subway Extension project.

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