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News and Updates
May 31 - 2017

bLEAders 2017 Softball Season

Group photo of the bLEAders softball team.
2017 bLEAders Softball Team
Left to right: Benedict Wong (LEA), Heinz Dahn (LEA), Michael Gan, Danny Tat (LEA), Allison Reeves, Alyson Torrance, Anatole Kung (LEA), Iris Chan (LEA), Kenneth Lo (LEA), Joann Wong, Chauncey Hui, Natalie Tsui (LEA), Maryam Sadeghi (LEA)
Missing: Kenneth Chan, Pirooz Davoodnia, Rick DeGuzman, Alicia Wong, Hannah Yu, Dorothy Poon, Nixon Chan, Allison Chong, Anne Lee, Eric Yip, Judson Chin, Mackenzie Lee, Samuel Yoon

The LEA company softball team, the bLEAders, has begun their 2017 season. For over 15 years, LEA employees and friends have gathered to play softball in the summer. The team plays in the Commerce Valley Drive Softball League which includes several engineering consulting firms and other companies in the Highway 7/Highway 404 area. Each season consists of 17 games including playoffs. Games are played Thursday evenings in the Markham area.

Anatole Kung is our team captain and administrator for all team aspects including player recruitment, training, line-up preparation, umpiring, etc. Anatole has also twice served (for 4 years total) as in-season commissioner, dealing with conflict resolution, rule changes, league wide announcements/reminders, and other league related tasks.

Good luck to all the participants!


The bLEAders Softball team recently completed their playoff run, congratulations to everyone who participated in another successful year!

Group photo of the bLEAders softball team at the end of the 2017 season.Left to right: Anatole Kung (LEA), Alicia Wong (LEA), Judson Chiu, Anne Lee, Alyson Torrance, Eric Yip, Allison Chong, Heinz Dahn (LEA), Allison Reeves, Mike Gan, Natalie Tsui (LEA), Chauncey Hui, Joann Wong, Danny Tat (LEA), Iris Chan (LEA), Maryam Sadeghi (LEA)