News & Updates

News and Updates
December 13 - 2022

HWY 405 New Queue and Stopped Vehicle Advisory System Wins ITS 2022 Intelligent Mobility Award

The Highway 405 Queue and Stopped Vehicle Advisory System project has been recognized by ITS Canada as the winner of the 2022 Mobility Award for Smart Mobility – Connected Infrastructure. This project involves the use of advanced vehicle detection technology and software to automate dynamic message sign warnings for queues and stopped vehicles on the major international border crossing corridor with 2 passenger car lanes and 2 truck lanes. The new system replaces a legacy Queue Warning System that has been in operation for over 20 years and has significantly improved safety on the corridor by alerting drivers of slow-moving or stopped vehicles. LEA was an integral part of the Black and McDonald’s BDOM team responsible for the design of the system, and this was a collaborative project involving several of our Practice Areas, including Transportation (Intelligent Transportation Systems), TID (Roadside Safety and Dynamic Message Sign Structures), and Contract Administration (Environmental Screening and Reporting).

Congratulations to the entire team involved with this successful and innovative project!