Roads & Highways, Bridges

Supervision of Chandikhole-Paradip Road

Client: Paradip Port Road Co. Ltd. (A Subsidiary of National Highways Authority of India)
Location: India
Status: Completed

Project Description

Paradip port is one of the new modern and busy ports of the country. National Highway 5A (NH 5A) and State Highway 12 (SH 12) are the two existing corridors connecting the port and serving the transportation needs of the Paradip. A railway line from Cuttack also connects Paradip. National Highway 5A connects Paradip Port with National Highway 5 at Chandikhole. The total length of the corridor is 80 km. Of the total length, 76.9 km has a two-lane (7-7.2m) carriageway with earthen shoulders of 1-1.5m on either side.  A substantial portion of the project corridor runs on an embankment height of 1.5-2.5m, except for major bridge approaches where embankment height varies between 6-10m. The overall project corridor crosses 14 major bridges, 26 minor bridges, 2 underpasses and 45 culverts, of which the 930m Mahanadi Bridge is the longest.
The supervision services included design review of 2-lane rigid and 2-lane flexible road, structures, pavement, RE walls, construction supervision of road and structural works, quality control and assurance, contract management, quantity certification and payments certification, safety assurance, issuance of completion certificate, and inspection during defect liability period. The structures are mainly on pile foundation and pre-stressed concrete superstructure.

The details of the structures included in the corridor:

  • Bridge-8: 67/1-Mahanadi River at Chainage 66+175 (Span 930.0 m)

  • Bridge-6: 52/1-Luna River at Chainage 51+445 (Span 522.0 m)

  • Bridge-1: 5/1-Gobari River at Chainage 4+717 (Span 267.0 m)

  • Bridge-2: 12/1-Birupa River at Chainage 11+941(Span 267.0 m)

  • Bridge-7: 65/1-Kula Creek at Chainage 64+707(Span 186.0 m)

  • Bridge-5: 36/4-Gobari Canal at Chainage 35+875(Span150.0 m)

  • Bridge-3: 14/1-Patamundai Canal at Chainage 13+71 (Span 92.0m)

  • Bridge-4: 21/1-Gobari River at Chainage 20+016(Span 116.0 m)

Photo of CHANDIKHOLE PARADIP project area.