Roads & Highways

Construction Supervision of District Roads Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project

Client: Ministry of Development and Institutional Reforms
Location: Timor Leste
Status: Ongoing

Project Description

The European Commission (EC) financed District Roads Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project funded by ADB is supporting other donor programs for road network development by investing in approximately 33.36 km of selected district roads.

The specific objective is to contribute towards improved access to markets as the overall condition of roads at the district level need immediate attention. In addition, rehabilitation works are being carried out by competent contractors to ensure public services and utilities for rural communities. The physical works for rehabilitation of the road sections will include:
  • Construction of slope stabilization structures;

  • Improvement of drainage structures; and

  • Pavement reconstruction.

The LEA led consortium is responsible for the supervision of works with a view to building capacity. The activities of the consultant are likely to only be fully accomplished in each case once the Defects Notification Period has been completed. The Directorate for Roads Bridges and Flood Control (DRBFC) of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport, and Communications (MPWTC) is also closely involved in the implementation of the project.