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Project Management

LEA's project management method focuses on being proactive, adhering to schedules, and delivering projects that are aligned with requirements, policies, and procedures. We believe that effective project management and communications with the project team is critical to the successful completion of any project. 

Our standard project management plan includes the following components to ensure the successful completion of any project.

  • Scheduling internal reviews well in advance and working towards milestone dates.

  • Ensuring that all participants understand their responsibilities, the desired outcome of the deliverable, and the timeline to address any comments.

  • Preparing briefing information and review packages well in advance, where possible, to ensure that all meeting participants can offer meaningful input and contribute towards necessary decisions.

  • Quality control (QC) plans and checklists for the reviews to provide a consistent approach and to allow ease of the review process.

As an privately-held firm, our employees have a strong interest in delivering high quality projects that live up to their reputation. LEA employees focus on ensuring project excellence as they are professionally and financially invested in the firm. This model encourages LEA to strive for high performance, which has been a catalyst for long-term working relations with many clients.

LEA’s business model allows our employees to engage in effective communication with each other as well as our clients. This allows us to identify and address any potential issues early-on in the project. LEA also firmly believes in the importance of investing in its employees and has been successful in attracting and maintaining staff with in-depth knowledge and diverse experiences.

As part of our continued commitment to excellence, LEA has implemented a training program to help enhance our employee’s project management skills and to improve the quality of deliverables. This program aids our professional staff on the journey to become a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Project managers on site during construction phase.