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Social & Environmental Studies

LEA works with clients and stakeholders to provide respectful and balanced solutions to projects affecting the natural environment.

Our services include:

  • Project planning

  • Constraints assessment

  • Permitting and approvals

  • Compliance oversight and monitoring during project execution

We work closely with clients to manage environmental risk and to develop strategies that promote collaboration with stakeholders and government partners. Our knowledge and expertise provide a clear vision for our clients, enabling projects to be delivered on time while ensuring they meet all requirements.

A lake surrounded by forest and green environment. 
LEA’s Environmental expertise can add value to any project. We are client focused and strive to ensure successful project delivery by:

  • Creating an environment that promotes open and transparent communication to enable clear project planning expectations and realistic timelines.

  • Being engaged, available, responsive, and adaptable from project initiation to execution.

  • Applying our knowledge in current environmental legislation to develop risk management strategies.

  • Effectively integrate ecological considerations to meet project demands, design requirements, and to satisfy regulatory agency requirements.

LEA holds MTO RAQS qualifications for Class Environmental Assessment Process, Natural Sciences, Fisheries Assessment, Fisheries Compliance during Construction Contracts, and Environmental Inspection during Construction. Our staff have also completed specialized training and are Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC) and Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) approved.

Environmental Assessment Planning

LEA has an experienced team of professionals that specialize in municipal and provincial transportation and infrastructure projects. Our team provides environmental assessment process coordination and planning. We offer a range of services including consultation and stakeholder engagement, natural environment assessments, design integration and technical input, permitting and approvals, and the preparation of compliance documentation and reports.

Baseline Biological Surveys

The preservation of biodiversity, and ecosystem functioning are key considerations in modern planning and engineering projects. From land to sea, LEA provides:

  • Aquatic habitat and fish community surveys following MTO/DFO/MNRF Fisheries Protocol and the Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol (OSAP).

  • Terrestrial ecosystem surveys, including breeding bird and herpetofauna surveys, botanical inventories, Ecological Land Classification (ELC) community delineation and Significant Wildlife Habitat (SWH) assessments.

  • Targeted surveys for Species at Risk (SAR) following approved agency protocols.


LEA manages and coordinates environmental approvals and permits required for any assignment by undertaking surveys that characterize the natural environment, assessing project-related impacts, developing mitigation measures and strategies, and producing habitat restoration and enhancement designs. We also provide submission coordination and report preparation for approvals/permits under the Conservation Authorities Act, Endangered Species Act 2007 (ESA), and the Species at Risk Act (SARA).

Compliance Oversight Monitoring

LEA offers compliance oversight monitoring coupled with emergency 24/7 services to ensure effective management of construction projects that meet environmental requirements.