Noise & Vibration

Building Acoustics

Considering acoustics in the early stage of the design process is essential for every project. Working together with LEA’s building, structural and transportation teams, we share our knowledge and bring valuable advice to diagnose and provide solutions to any issues affecting new and existing buildings. At the design stage, we develop the acoustic design criteria of each space and recommend solutions in accordance with building codes, LEED credentials, and/or your requirements. During construction, we offer inspection of conditions to ensure these requirements are met. After completion, we can perform tests to verify compliance. 

Through discussions with stakeholders and field tests, we identify noise and vibration issues in existing buildings such as increased noise transmission after certain renovations or replacement of mechanical systems, and provide cost-effective solutions. 

Our services include:
  • Background Noise Criteria (NC) Estimation due to Noise from Mechanical System such as HVAC system
  • Interior and Exterior Component Design and Performance Tests including Sound Transmission Class (ASTC) and Impact Insulation Class (AIIC)
  • Speech Privacy and Intelligibility Assessment
  • Interior and Exterior Element Design and Interior Surface Treatment
  • Mechanical Room Design and Vibration Isolation Design
  • LEED Credentials
  • TARION Bulletin 19R
  • Noise and Vibration Measurement/Tests and Inspections