Noise & Vibration

Construction Noise & Vibration

LEA’s acoustic team understands the vibration and noise impact associated with construction activities. These issues are a growing concern for our clients due to potential delays in schedule and cost increases. 

Our team provides valuable experience and expertise in construction vibration and noise assessment and monitoring to address these issues. Our experience in field measurements offers field implementation of equipment with coordination of project schedule and progress to capture all vibration and noise events. Our expertise provides a variety of instrumentation solutions and data interpretations to capture true events with corresponding construction activities.

Through close coordination with our clients and the construction team, LEA will develop and implement mitigation measures in a timely, cost-effective manner from the beginning of the project.    

Instrumentation Solutions

ROCK_tool.pngOur acoustic engineers have experience in a variety of vibration and noise monitoring equipment and work to find the optimal solutions to help our clients. LEA’s experience offers customized instrumentation solutions to meet each client’s demands:  
  • Remote Monitoring System with Web-based Data Access
  • Real-Time Data Processing, Alerts and Reporting
  • Long-term Operation without External Power Source
  • Short-term Noise and Vibration Surveys
  • Time-domain and Frequency-domain Signal Analysis
  • Statistical Signal Analysis  

Our services include:
  • Construction Vibration and Noise Impact Assessment  (e.g. Zone of Influence (ZOI) Study)
  • Development of Construction Vibration and Noise Monitoring Plan
  • Construction Vibration and Noise Monitoring
  • Data Interpretation and Reporting
  • Vibration and Noise Investigation and Mitigation Solutions