Water, Wastewater
& Municipal

Stormwater Management

LEA provides stormwater management (SWM) services in 4 primary sectors: municipal, development engineering, transit, and roads and highways. Our SWM solutions ensure proper drainage for roads, sites, and built municipal infrastructures. Our priority is to also maintain the natural hydrologic cycle, prevent an increased risk of flooding, control undesirable stream erosion, and protect water quality.

Our services include:
  • Municipal: trunk storm and local storm sewers, and road drainage

  • Development engineering: site drainage, hydrology, and SWM

  • Transit: functional/preliminary/detailed design for site grading and drainage, roadwork design, SWM studies, and storm and sanitary servicing design

  • Roads and highways: grading and ditching, drainage, hydrology, and SWM

LEA has extensive recent, high-profile experience on various stormwater projects. A few examples include:

  • On the recent $150 million transit project at Pioneer Village, LEA designed an 1,800 stall parking lot without a single catch basin by making innovative use of bioswales.

  • During a $300 million Design-Build project for widening from 4-6 lanes along Highway 7, LEA's team managed to keep both pre- and post-development storm flows the same.

  • On an ongoing project with Town of Aurora, LEA is engaged in designing a 1,200mm, 6m deep trunk storm sewer through challenging soil conditions.

Wastewater runoff on a residential building.