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Noise & Vibration

LEA’s noise and vibration engineers provide expertise in noise and vibration impact assessment and control, and field measurement and monitoring to assist clients on planning and design projects.

Our noise and vibration engineers have a vast range of experience in complex modeling of noise/vibration impacts and development of noise/vibration mitigation measures including acoustic barriers, exterior fa├žade design, and interior treatment. 

With our in-depth knowledge of all relevant regulations, guidelines, and industry standardises, LEA's acoustic services add value to any project type including residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, transit-oriented development, transportation infrastructure improvement, demolition and construction, railway transit, and renewable energy sites. With state-of-the-art technology and global experience, our noise engineers provide holistic solutions while lowering costs, saving time, and rendering a more efficient approval process.

A noise monitor taking a reading next to a highway.

Equipment and Measurements

Our acoustic engineers have experience in a variety of noise and vibration equipment and work to find the optimal solutions to help our clients. LEA’s experience offers customized instrumentation solutions to meet each client’s demands:

  • Remote Monitoring System with Web-based Data Access

  • Real-Time Data Processing, Alerts and Reporting

  • Long-term Operation without External Power Source

  • Short-term Noise and Vibration Surveys

  • Time-domain and Frequency-domain Signal Analysis

  • Statistical Signal Analysis

Our services include:
  • Environmental Acoustic Assessment for Approval

  • Noise and Vibration Impact Study for New Development

  • Construction Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment and Monitoring Plan

  • Noise and Vibration Measurement and Monitoring

  • Floor Design and Isolation System Design for Vibration Sensitive Space and Equipment

  • Foundation Design for Vibrating Heavy Machinery

  • Tuned-Mass-Damper (TMD) Design for Vibration Control

  • Railway Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment and Mitigation Design

  • Building Acoustics (NC, STC, IIC, etc.) and LEED Credentials