Transportation Corridors
& Transit

Traffic Engineering

Many of today’s traffic engineering projects are complex and difficult to fit within the urban fabric. LEA’s team includes hundreds of transportation planners, engineers, and technicians with experience on some of the world’s most iconic projects.

LEA has extensive experience in developing and calibrating traffic models for travel demand forecasting. We complete meso- and micro-simulation of travel demands using state-of-the-art modelling software including VISSIM and AIMSUN. These models allow for dynamic and realistic assessment of the transportation network to ensure that all potential impacts and infrastructure requirements are identified.

Our services include:
  • Traffic impact studies

  • Parking assessment and design

  • Site planning for vehicle, pedestrian and cycling routes and infrastructure (active transportation)

  • Loading and servicing vehicle assessment and design

  • Travel demand forecasting and analysis

  • Traffic operations assessment and modelling

  • Conceptual, functional, and detailed design of roads and transitways

  • Environmental assessments

  • Public consultation

An aerial view of a divided 10 lane highway.