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Transit Planning & Systems

LEA has a team of planners and engineers with significant experience in planning and designing transit hubs and stations, such as Pioneer Village Station, and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. Our design engineers are experienced in the latest transit design standards set by Metrolinx, GO Transit, York Region Transit, Toronto Transit Commission, and many more.

In comprehensive transportation studies, mobility plans, and integrated mobility plans, the need for different kinds of transit systems are assessed based on a travel demand assessment. The higher the demand measured in Peak Hour Per Direction (PHPD), the higher the capacity of the systems will be required. The order from low to high capacity are BRT, LRT, MRT, Metro, and Commuter Rail, which will have capacities ranging from 5,000 PHPD to 90,000 PHPD depending on the frequency and vehicle or coach types. In some studies, alternatives analysis is also carried out before finalizing which transit system is more suitable.

An image of a transit system map and related ITS technology.