Transportation Corridors
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Transportation Studies & Master Plans

LEA has completed hundreds of transportation studies for private and public sector clients. Our engineers have vast experience in designing to optimize space on site, particularly in small, compact sites including downtown urban areas, and know where to look for parking reduction opportunities through shared-parking, off-site parking, or Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures. 

Developing livable and efficient communities begins with the master planning process, which is a vital step in understanding the required infrastructure to support a vision and plan for sustainable transportation networks over the long-term. The master planning process often follows a comprehensive assessment of transportation demand forecasting and land use planning. Through these assessments, and the master planning process, we gain a better understanding of an areas transportation and infrastructure needs including when solutions are required by, and how they will be implemented. Each master plan is unique, and is developed around a specific vision or based on something preexisting. 

LEA has extensive expertise in the master planning process, having successfully delivered numerous master planning projects that support a variety of goals and objectives. Our experience in Canada includes planning the integration of new communities within an existing urban fabric on projects such as the North Leslie Secondary Plan, Hewitt’s Secondary Plan, and County Road 42 Secondary Plan. Our experience also covers reimagining existing urban areas to enhance quality of life, as was our experience working on the Scarborough Centre Transportation Master Plan.

An aerial view of the Downtown Toronto Ontario skyline.