Smart Technology
& Innovation


As part of LEA’s ongoing commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology, we have adapted the Building Information Modelling process (BIM) into our design work whenever possible. The built-in clash detection provided by the BIM process provides highly crucial information regarding where infrastructure networks conflict with each other. This 3D modelling process has granted us a smoother workflow, provided us with a much more realistic view of the final build compared to older 2D drawings, and allowed our engineers to more easily detect issues and solve challenges early in the project lifecycle.

LEA’s use of 3D modelling started in 2014 using Civil 3D software to model our work on the complex vivaNext BRT project, and it has only expanded since.
Some of the benefits of the BIM process include:
  • More accurate cost estimation

  • Better sense of project outcome

  • Improved collaboration between disciplines

  • Ability to convey design concepts to non-technical stakeholders

Example BIM modelling outputs.