Smart Technology
& Innovation

GIS & Mapping

LEA provides Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping services for application in planning, urban design, 3D visualization, asset management, hydrological modelling, revenue, and infrastructure services contexts.

Our integrated service delivery is extended to the geospatial domain providing end-to-end mapping services including data capture, processing, integration and updating. With hands-on experience in a wide variety of projects involving GIS and mapping, our services address problems with customized solutions resulting in outputs that exceed our client's requirements. LEA also provides GIS and mapping services for real-time monitoring of urban service delivery and dashboard management. 3D visualization based on actual site conditions and proposed developments in sectors such as urban design and buildings is an area of core expertise.

LEA has always managed to comply with our client's GIS and mapping requirements, while striving to surpass the expected quality in our delivered work. Our team develops custom templates matching requirements on a project-to-project basis to further enhance the quality of our solutions. 

A stock image displaying the layers of GIS mapping.