Smart Technology
& Innovation

Smart Cities

A "Smart City" is an urban eco-system supported by institutional, physical, social, and economic infrastructure intended to provide a decent quality of life to its citizens. A "Smart City" also offers a clean, sustainable, and eco-friendly environment. In India, 100 cities have been identified by the Smart Cities Mission to be transformed under these terms. LEA has had the opportunity to work on a number of these initiatives, bringing our global expertise to the table to help develop cutting-edge solutions. 

Our services include:
  • Project management

  • Design of sub-projects

    • Smart roads

    • Public transport

    • Water supply and sanitation

    • Public space

    • Public buildings

  • Supervision of sub-projects

  • Procurement support

  • Supervision

  • Smart solutions

    • Integrated control & command centres

    • Traffic management

    • Video surveillance

    • Smart services and amenities

A stock image of typical smart city elements.