Privacy Policy


Policy Statement

LEA is committed to ensuring all employees, clients and partners are aware of our commitment to the privacy and protection of client information. This policy outlines our commitments to our employees and clients how we will handle this information.

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information is an important aspect of the way LEA conducts its business. Collecting, using, and disclosing personal information in an appropriate, responsible, and ethical manner is fundamental to daily operations.

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LEA relies upon employees and partners to properly develop, maintain, and operate our systems, networks, and processes which keep our sensitive information safe and properly used. This means that every person and organization handling our information has the responsibility to keep information safe, no matter where the information is located. This includes computing systems, networks, paper copies, business processes, and verbal transmission of information.


In accordance with the Privacy Act and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), LEA requires all employees to handle sensitive personal client information in a confidential and appropriate manner.  It is understood that employees of LEA will become aware of confidential information regarding our clients through the course of their employment. Employees agree that if confidential information is not effectively protected, the operations of LEA may be threatened, and the well-being and privacy of our clients may suffer irreparably.  The rules by which information is handled are determined by the regulations, business requirements, and LEA commitments relating to that type of information. Only the information required to achieve the desired business outcome will be collected and will remain confidential.

Every employee, vendor, contractor, supplier or vendor, agent, or representative of LEA must be aware of the significance of the information being handled and ensure that proper controls are applied to prevent copying, disclosure, or other misuse of the information.

Employees are required to keep all confidential information, both about SMUN and our clients, confidential both during and after their term of employment.  Employees shall not divulge, disclose, provide, or disseminate confidential or private Information to any third party not employed by SMUN at any time, unless given written authorization. 
Failure to adhere to this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Protection of Employee Information

LEA Ccollects personal information about employees for the purposes of recruitment/selection as well as to administer compensation and comply with legal or contractual obligations.

To protect personal information, LEA will not collect, use, or disclose personal information for any purpose other than those identified above, or with your consent.  SMUN will keep personal information as accurate as necessary for the purposes identified above. You are responsible to notify SMUN of any changes in address, beneficiaries in a timely manner.

Employee Files

It is the policy of LEA that employee personnel information be collected, maintained, and used in such a manner as to ensure its accuracy, relevancy, confidentiality and that it conforms to legal and system requirements.

This policy is established to prevent disclosure of employee records to unauthorized persons.

Upon the written request by an employee, the individual’s file will be made available to him/her for review. This access will be given by the HR Representative, or his designate, at a convenient time when there will be no disruption to business operations. The employee will be permitted to make notes concerning any such information; however, no photocopies shall be made, and no information shall be removed from the file.

Request for Confirmation of Employment

Any information requested by a prospective employer, financial institutions or creditors about present employees must first be cleared with the employee before being divulged. This requirement may be waived where LEA  is legally obligated to provide information.