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Our Operating Companies

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LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1993, LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd. (LEA India) operates in India, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Over two decades, LEA India has experienced significant growth in terms of staffing as well as their project footprint. ISO certified, LEA India has grown to become a preferred consultant throughout Africa and Asia and an important stakeholder in infrastructure development throughout the world.

LEA India has established credibility amongst their clientele both nationally and internationally, and has served on projects funded by all leading multilateral funding agencies including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, United States Agency for International Development, and Canadian International Development Agency.

LEA Markham Office building

LEA Consulting Ltd.

Canada-based LEA Consulting Ltd. (LEA Canada) has been in operation since 1953. Specializing in infrastructure engineering, planning, and contract administration, LEA Canada has built a reputation across the country for delivering innovative solutions in project management, transportation planning, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), infrastructure security, contract administration, highway and municipal services, and bridge and building design.

LEA Canada is an active member of the Consulting Engineers of Ontario, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada and the Transportation Association of Canada.

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LEA International Ltd.

LEA International Ltd. (LEA International) is a leading Canadian consultant offering engineering and planning services in over 40 countries. For over six decades, LEA International has developed a set of specialized expertise and provided services that solve engineering and urban development planning challenges in rapidly developing countries.

LEA International has provided services to the World Bank, Canadian International Development Agency, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Canadian Export Development Corporation.

Mission Value alt text Building and connecting strong, thriving communities through world-class engineering and planning solutions. Quality Value alt text Ensuring the highest quality of work through total engagement by senior professionals. Safety Value alt text Committed to health and safety of people around the globe, and the social and environmental needs of the communities we live and work in. Ethics Value alt text Led by principles, fairness, and uncompromising ethics in all our professional dealings. All employees are guided by honesty and professionalism. Code of Conduct Value alt text Holding ourselves to the highest professional standard in every area we do business by recognizing and respecting local laws and culture.