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Quality Control & Quality Assurance

LEA is firmly committed to the process of Quality Control (QC) in adherence to company policies, professional standards, and client requirements. We accept full responsibility for the quality of our product and professional service. No project is considered complete until its quality and details are on par with client standards.

Projects are managed under the LEA Total Quality Management System, which was established in accordance with Intentional Standards for Quality Systems ISO 9004. Quality control is all about professional services and project activities being performed in a planned and controlled manner in accordance with client policies, specifications, and standards. Results are continuously monitored and verified. The quality and the timeline in which the project was delivered will be assessed by the QC/QA process.

In cases where the quality of on-going work is considered to be subpar or there are deviations from the original plan, corrective action will be initiated by the Project Manager or Quality Auditor, and the process is documented.

Two engineers reviewing and discussing drawings.