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News and Updates
November 06 - 2023

LEA Continues Supporting MTO Through Contract Administration on 400-series Highways

LEA’s Contract Administration division has been extra hard at work this year in Southwestern Ontario with a number of large and complex 400-series highway projects for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Among these endeavours are the extensive rehabilitation efforts on Highway 402 in London and Highway 403 through Brantford and Woodstock. Read on to delve into the details of these projects. 

Project: MTO 2021-3006 Design-Build
Contractor: AECON/ GIP
Contract Administrator: LEA Consulting Ltd.


Rehabilitation of Highway 403 from Highway 401 easterly to 1.4 km east of West Quarter Townline Road.

Within these limits Highway 403 is a four-lane rural freeway with a grassed median. Interchanges are found at Highway 401 (Freeway-to-Freeway) and Oxford County Road 55. Underpass structures are found at Township Road and Oxford County Road 14.

This project involves mainline and interchange ramp pavement rehabilitation and the structural rehabilitation of the Oxford Road 14 underpass, the Township Road underpass, and the Kenny Creek Bridges (both eastbound and westbound).

The design was completed in 2022 and construction commenced on March 20, 2023. As of September 30, 2023, the Contractor Progress was:
•          Design: 100%
•          Construction: 43.50%
•          Total: 48.7%

Project News: MTO 2022-3015
Contractor: Dufferin Construction Company
Contract Administrator: LEA Consulting Ltd.


Rehabilitation of Highway 402 from 1.0 km west of Colonel Road to 0.9 km west of Digman Drive in the County of Middlesex, including mainline pavement rehabilitation, resurfacing the interchange ramps at Wonderland Road and the N-E and E-N/S, precast culvert installation and spray lining operations at two twin CSP locations.

This project implemented a method of repairing existing CSP culverts running under Highway 402 at two locations using a monolithic spray-on lining product.  The Subcontractor used an application of a high-build, rigid, and solvent-free polyurethane coating to eliminate infiltration, provide corrosion protection, repair voids, and complete structural integrity. The process allowed rehabilitation work to be completed without excavation of the existing highway and staging of traffic flow throughout the project limits. During the second Season, a robot application method (SPOD – Rotary Impingement Spray Robot) was approved by MTO for the spraying operations.

Project: MTO 2023-3010 and 2023-3016
Contractor: Capital Paving
Contract Administrator: LEA Consulting Ltd.


Rehabilitation of Highway 403 from 0.1 km east of Brant County Road 2 (Paris Road) to Garden Ave in the City of Brantford.

Starting in July, crews have worked nightly to rehabilitate 15.5 km of Highway 403 between Rest Acres Road and Garden Ave in the City of Brantford and Brant County. The contracts consisted of removing the existing surface asphalt and placing between 50-100 mm on new Hot Mix and upgrading highway safety items.