News & Updates

News and Updates
July 10 - 2018

Encouraging the Engineers and Planners of Tomorrow

As we all know, deciding what to do with your career can be quite the challenge – we seem to be surrounded by intriguing options everywhere we look! At LEA, we recognize how important it is to give students the tools to discover and explore their own rewarding career path.

Each semester, LEA brings bright and eager students on-board for co-op placements and provides them with more information about the engineering profession and the path that their career may take.

LEA co-op students viewing a presentation from a structural engineer.


LEA held our first Co-op Information Session at our Markham Office last month. The event gave everyone a chance to learn about all the different engineering and planning practice areas at LEA such as:

  • Transportation Planning and Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Administration
  • Civil Engineering
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Engineering
  • Corporate Services

LEA employees representing each of these practice areas gave informative presentations and led discussion about what each has to offer. These information sessions provided our students with experience, knowledge, and guidance to aid them in their future successes. We’re always looking for new opportunities to help grow the next generation of engineers, builders, and designers of tomorrow.

LEA co-op students gathered for a photo.

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