LEA brings a professional approach to integrated transit planning with innovative solutions for the mobility needs of communities. In the past, we have had the opportunity to work on groundbreaking linear transit projects such as the VIVA BRT, York University BRT, and the ECLRT. 

Our services include: 
  • Comprehensive traffic and transportation planning 

  • Terminal designs and regional transportation studies 

  • Transit studies including MRTS, Mono-Rail, and BRTS 

  • Road network master plan 

  • Development and implementation of RMS 

  • Design of bus terminals/depot planning 

  • Ridership estimate 

  • Policy intervention 

  • Bus rapid transit system 

  • Multimodal transport/transit planning

  • Strategic and investment option studies 

  • Transaction advisory 

  • Development and implementation of road management system 

  • Institutional development and capacity building 

  • Capacity building

A rendering of a typical populated intersection of the York Region Viva bus rapid transit project.