Building Structures

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Client: Canadian National Energy Alliance
Location: Canada
Status: Completed

Project Description

LEA provided structural consulting engineering services for the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL). As Canada’s premier Science and Technology facility for the future, CNL requires a robust and reliable facility to house essential business functions including: a data centre, library and records, health and wellness facilities, meeting rooms, and conference facilities. The building was designed to enable phased construction depending on funding and CNL needs. The new facility design encourages a wide range of interactions from immediate and informal meetings to structured and collaborative spaces. 


Building Support: The Building Lobby will allow the CNL community to create a public point of entry as well as provide connection to future additions and accommodate visual communication and vertical physical connection between floors.

Health and Wellness: The Health Centre will be both visible and private for ease of access while providing employees privacy. The spaces will be located on the first floor for direct access by emergency vehicles and employees, but away from the main gathering areas with waiting areas, meeting rooms and decontamination areas.

Library and Central Records: CNL owns a large library including books, journals, technical reports and microfilms which are being cataloged. Space requirements include a reading room for reviewing stored documents and storage area for high density documents and classified area. It will include staff workspace and support areas.

Data Centre: The Data Centre needs to run 24/7 with no down time and requires UPS and generator back-up. The data Centre will require space for servers, incoming site services, UPS and generators and touch down workstations. Staff workspace would be located in the office building and will also include space for the service desks, desktop setup lab and office support.