Building Structures

Hurontario LRT Operations Maintenance Storage Facility

Client: IBI
Location: Canada
Status: Under Construction

Project Description

LEA provided Structural Engineering services for the Hurontario LRT Operations Maintenance Storage Facility (OMSF), which incorporates a single-storey structural steel frame superstructure for the Maintenance facility and a two-storey structural steel frame superstructure for the Operation Control Centre (OCC) building. The Maintenance facility building was designed based on normal importance category while the OCC building was based on post-disaster importance category. Both buildings are separated using expansion joints. 
The two buildings are founded on conventional spread footings on Engineered Fill. The ground floor slab-on-grade has been designed for a minimum live load of 12 kPa. The suspended floor of the OCC building will consist of concrete topping on a composite steel deck supported by a system of steel girders and steel floor joists. The roof structure will consist of steel deck supported on a system of steel joists and steel beams. The lateral resisting system will be provided by structural steel braced frames and moment resisting frames. 

The OMSF design and specifications include:

  • Vehicle maintenance and wheel truing pits
  • Vehicle maintenance bays with elevated work platforms and overhead cranes
  • Vehicle sanding/cleaning/wash
  • Maintenance workshops and parts storage area
  • Operation Control Centre
  • Administrative offices