Railways, Transit

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Monorail Master Plan

Client: Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)
Location: India
Status: Completed

Project Description

LEA provided consultancy services to MMRDA in their pursuit of identification of potential corridors for the region's monorail by making use of the database created during the CTS for MMR study of 2005-08.
The purpose of this assignment was to visualize the potential role of a monorail system in MMR by considering the findings and recommendations of the CTS. The objective of the consultancy services was to prepare a strategic master plan for the mono rail system in MMR. This involved estimating travel demand on select corridors and evaluating economic feasibility. This study involved assessment of the potential role of monorail system to enhance the multi modal transport options in economic and efficient manner.
Services offered by the project include:

  • Assessment of potential role of monorail as transport system based on CTS

  • Preparation of Strategic Master Plan for Mono Rail System in MMR

  • Assessment of transportation demand on select corridors (up to 100 km) of monorail by undertaking a transport modelling work using the calibrated CTS travel demand model for 2021, 2031 horizon

  • Undertake techno economic feasibility study of select corridors (up to 100 km) in consultation with MMRDA based on preliminary inventory survey limited to tape measurements and on secondary data on environmental aspects

  • Prioritize the monorail corridors to be implemented in the next 10 years

  • Suggested the funding mechanism (government funding or P3 format)